Top 5 Best Personal Assistant Apps for Androids 2019

    The personal Assistant apps like, Google Assistant, Siri, etc, are some personal assistant which comes in-built with the phone. Same as Google Assistant there are many other apps are available in the Google Play Store which can also help you to increase your productivity.

    In today’s date, there is the much use of Personal Assistant for making phone calls, browsing anything, making download from the particular site, etc. Most of the peoples start using Personal Assistant so this is the best time to share the list of free personal assistant apps which are available for Android in 2019.

    1. Samsung Bixby

    So, this is the app which is created by Samsung for the Samsung smartphone. Samsung Bixby also helps to do text messages, make a phone call, installing apps, taking a selfie, etc. One of the interesting thing about this app is that it comes with the additional option of home tech. So, this is another best personal assistant app which you can use on your Samsung Smartphone.

    2. Google Assistant

    Now, another personal assistant app in our list is Google Assistant which is best for the Android users and it does not require any introduction. If you are an Android user then you must have the Google Assistant in your phone and you don’t need its app. But, the app is for the people who have old phones. After installing Google Assistant on their mobile phone they will get access to a lot of features like, making a phone calls, sending text, etc, with the help of Google Assistant.

    3. Lyra Virtual Assistant

    In the event that you are searching for an easy to utilize individual colleague applications for your Android cell phone, at that point you can go with Lyra Virtual Assistant. Dissimilar to all other individual colleague applications, Lyra Virtual Assistant can do bunches of stuff like making calls, disclosing to you jokes, finding live bearings, set alerts, and so on. The application is very under-appraised, yet it’s one of the top individual colleague application which you can utilize at this moment.

    4. Cortana

    Cortana is the personal assistant by Microsoft which works the same as Apple Siri and Google Assistant. A few years back the Cortana is only available for the Windows user but now the app is available for Android platform also. It performs some tasks like, playing music, web search, making calls, taking notes, etc. So, Cortana is also the best app that you can use on your Android phone right now.

    5. Robin

    On the off chance that you are searching for individual colleague applications that got GPS support, at that point Robin may be the best pick for you. Learn to expect the unexpected. with its GPS Support, Robin can enable you to discover GPS areas while you drive, walk, and so forth. Aside from that, Robin can complete a wide scope of stuff like making calls, set alerts, play recordings, and so forth. Thus, Robin is another best Android partner application 2019 that is you can use on your Android today.

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