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    We all know what is Google, If you are reading this article then there are 99.50% chances that you can from Google search only. As we know Google is the best search engine and also have many successful apps or products in the market. It is a powerful industry which touches anything will be converted into gold and become successful in the market. But, we only know about its success. Let’s discuss some of its failures.

    These are some Google Product which is failed

    Google Plus

    If you are connected with some tech things then you might know that Google Plus is the biggest failure of Google till now. Google created it to do some competition with other social media websites like Facebook. But, it does not gain any good amount of popularity, because Google Plus does not have any interesting thing in it.

    Google has done many attempts to make it famous. They also came with the new feature of “Circle” with the help of this feature you can share any post with some limited people’s only. But users do not find any features useful so it is failed.


    The tech goliath Google’s Wave touched base in 2009 and shut only a year later, as no one utilized their administration, the tech mammoth Google itself supported it. It is presumably valid, despite the fact that the steadfast client base that it has kept up disliked the choice by any stretch of the imagination.

    This blasting disappointment of the tech monster Google has more to do with a terrible technique of confinement, and maybe it came too soon. Right now it would bode well since it incorporated the version of archives of communitarian structure, the arrangements of undertakings and the courier, something like an across the board for gatherings of work.

    At the present time, every one of these administrations has been coordinated into the Gmail, an approach to perceive the great test ground that Wave had in its days.

    Google Video

    This application is from the pre-YouTube time. Indeed, before 2006, the year in which the tech goliath Google chose to wager on online recordings, henceforth, the Google Video was the application which was propelled by the tech mammoth Google to share recordings, an application with an incorporated internet searcher and a portion of the highlights that have therefore succeeded.

    Be that as it may, when the tech mammoth Google purchased YouTube, essentially moved this undertaking to hold, whose interface reminded and a lot to which VLC Media Player currently looks. Be that as it may, it was one of the main cases in which the tech goliath Google just purchased the challenge as opposed to endeavoring to fly without anyone else.


    Picasa was an autonomous site until the tech goliath Google got it in 2004. It is essentially, arranged to the online version of photographs, it was a perfect instrument for Google, which previously had an unpleasant thought of its medium and long haul objective.


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