Sanjay Dhawan – A Rising Digital Entrepreneur


Digital Marketing is a hot topic these days. Digital marketing is the type of marketing that uses the internet and digital media to promote products and services to boost sales for their respective companies. Digital Marketing has become very prevalent in the 21st century owing to the unparalleled growth of social media. Brands have seen extreme potential in bringing their market not only offline but online as well where they have witnessed a rise in sales, all credit goes to digital marketing. In this field of digital marketing, some people have been able to leave a mark crushing the cut-throat competition and reaching great heights. Today we are going to learn about an inspiring story of a similar man – Sanjay Dhawan.

Sanjay Dhawan story starts from being a hardworking student where he studied BCA completed his graduation and was one of the finest of his university. Till now, he had given his full attention to studies and he wanted to achieve great things in life but now he had a chance to step into the industry and full fill his dreams.

Sanjay DhawanHis career started in 2010, he became an executive for SEO in one of the top companies located in Chandigarh. After working hard for 8 years in 2018, he struggled and attained a high post of manager. Even after securing many highs in life, Sanjay Dhawan left his job and opened his business to complete all the dreams he had and also fulfil his ambition.

Today, Sanjay Dhawan is a Digital Marketing Consultant, has 11 years of work experience handling clients from the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and all over the world. He provides digital marketing services like SEO, PR, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Management and many more. He is the founder and CEO of PRISHAM WEB SOLUTIONS. He is working on websites like AboutFeed, GoogleSEOupdate, StoryXP.

Even after achieving so much in life, Sanjay Dhawan has set higher goal in life. He says to work from morning 9 am till 1 at night. He believes no matter how much ever successful you become in life you should never stop working hard. This 32-year-old man is an inspiration for the youth of India. This man never stops hustling, how much ever higher in life he goes, he thinks that his end goal is to touch the sky. We wish him the best for the future and we hope he keeps inspiring people like this and many more people achieve the success that Sanjay Dhawan has achieved.

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