Is it Good or Bad for Phone to charge it overnight?

    From the invention of the mobile phone we human beings still have some doubt related to mobile phone charging overnight. Most of the peoples believe that it is bad to charge the mobile phone overnight there may be chances of bursting.

    But, most of us prefer charging our mobile phone at night because we don’t want to sit without a mobile phone or sit from 2 hours and waiting for the phone charging. So, that’s why we prefer Charging it overnight and when we woke up we get our phone fully charged.

    But, most many peoples now have the Fast charger which charge there phones very fast. But, they are also lazy and can’t wait for it. So, at some point, we have to face the situation to charge our mobile phone on our bedtime. So, in this article, we will discuss all about the pros and cons of charging mobile phones overnight.

    What experts recommend about overnight charging?

    What do you think, Why the name of mobile phones has become “Smartphone”? It is because they are smart and they know that when they are fully charged and when to stop charging. The smartphones automatically stop charging when they are fully charged and it does not harm to battery and mobile phone. But if you do it regularly then there might be certain disadvantages to your battery and it will decrease its lifetime.

    But, to know about its lifetime you must have to know about the charging cycle of Li-ion battery.

    What is the charge cycle?

    A charge cycle is a procedure of charging and releasing a battery. A battery as a rule misfortune it’s the ability to hold a charge after a particular measure of charge cycle is accomplished.

    The term is ordinarily used to indicate a battery’s normal life, as the quantity of charge cycles influences life more than the simple entry of time. Releasing the battery completely before energizing might be designated “profound release”; in part releasing at that point reviving might be classified “shallow release”. All in all, the quantity of cycles for a battery-powered battery shows how often it can experience the procedure of complete charging and release until disappointment or beginning to lose the ability to hold a charge.

    Most lithium-particle batteries have appraised lifetime of somewhere close to 500 and 1,500 charge cycles. It is constantly liked to have shallow release as opposed to profound release.

    Best Way to Charge Your Smartphone

    One of the biggest myth that peoples have nowadays that, it is good for the battery to get it fully discharged and then fully charged it again. And, applying this way can increase the efficiency of the battery. Still many peoples believe in this theory. But, let me tell you, this way is only good for the nickel-cadmium battery and it is not good for the Li-ion battery’s which we are using today.

    Best way to charge the battery

    • Avoid zero charges and 100% full charge of Battery. Try to charge the battery when it is 40-80% and after that charge it again up to 95-98%.
    • Stop the use of fast chargers. Use those some times but never use it overnight.
    • Don’t cover your phone with the back cover. Just remove it while charging. Heating is the killer of battery.

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