How to Take Clone of One Android Phone to Another Phone?

    Getting a new mobile phone is the best feeling. But, when the time comes for transferring data from older phone to the new phone. Then this is the worst work. If you are trying to transfer the data from your older phone to another phone for any reason then don’t worry about it. Taking a clone is the best option for it.

    You can easily get the backup of SMS, Contacts and other storage data. We are here with the cool methods with the help of which you will get interested in taking backup. So, follow the below steps properly and get the clone of your Android to another phone.

    Step 1: You have to install this app on your both mobile phones CLONEit. This app will help you to take the backup of your old data.

    Step 2: Now, after downloading this app, open it. Now, here you will see two options Sender and Receiver.

    Step 3: Now, from which device you are going to receive the data there you have to choose the option Receiver and at the same time you have to click on the option Sender from which device you are going to send the data.

    Step 4: Now, the scanning process with started and the sender device will scan the receiver device and you have to click on it.

    Step 5: Now, after completing pairing, the hotspot and Wi-Fi of both the devices will get ON and the file transfer will start. Data will be transferred after a few minutes.

    That’s it you have done and successfully the data of android phone is cloned to another phone.

    Using Dr.Fone-Switch

    This is a standout amongst the best programming to utilize on the off chance that you need to move information between gadgets with the distinctive working framework like iOS to Android. Indeed, you can likewise utilize this amazing bit of programming to clone one android to another. Underneath, we are going to list down a few techniques to utilize this product to clone one Android to another.

    Step 1: Most importantly, you have to download and introduce dr.fone-Switch on your PC and afterward associate both the Android gadgets to the framework and after that dispatch dr.fone toolbox.

    Step 2: Presently the toolbox will indicate you different choices, you have to tap on ‘Switch’. This will identify your Android cell phones that are associated with your PC.

    Step 3: Once it will be completed and your device name will starts showing.

    Step 4: In the following stage, you have to choose the sorts of information that you need to exchange starting with one gadget then onto the next.

    Step 5: At last, click on ‘Begin Transfer’ and the apparatus will begin replicating information to the next gadget.

    That is it, you are finished! This is the manner by which you can utilize Dr.fone – Switch to clone on Android to another.



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