How to Take Backup of SMS, Call Logs Automatically?

    We should use any app in our android phone which will help us to restore the files which are deleted. If you look around yourself everyone has an Android Smartphone in there hand which is based on the Linux Platform. We can’t live without our mobile phone and can’t think a single day without it. Because we perform lots of task on a mobile phone like games, music and many apps. We can easily spend a whole day with the help of a mobile phone.

    But, we not only use our Android phone for just entertainment. Most of the peoples have some important files on their phone which sometimes say goodbye to them.

    So, Backup is not only available for the Videos and photos. But, we can also take the backup of our some important SMS, MMS and Call Logs. Most of the time we do not care about backup and do the Factory reset which deleted everything from our phone.

    So, we are here taken a tutorial for you which will help to know about:- how to backup SMS, MMS, and call logs on Android smartphone

    How to take backup Automatically 

    Before starting the tutorial let me clear one thing. There are many apps available on the Internet which claims that they will take the backup of your phone, but those apps require manual action. However, the app which we are going to use is SMS Backup+ this app will automatically do everything. Just once you have to do some basic settings.

    Follow the below steps:-

    Step 1:- Download the SMS Backup+ app from the Google Play Store on your mobile phone.

    Step 2:- Now, you have to open the app after installing it and after that you have to just grant some permissions.

    Step 3:- Now you will see the interface as shown in the below screnshot. Click on Backup.

    Step 4:- Now, just connect the Gmail account with it.

    Step 5:- Now click on the Advanced Settings and after that click on Backup Settings.

    Step 6:- Now this is the last step. Just enable these things on this app ‘Backup SMS’, ‘Backup MMS’, ‘Backup Call Log’.

    That’s it you have done and now the Backup of your phone SMS, MMS and Call Logs will be taken automatically.

    Enable Auto Backup Settings

    As we have said before, SMS Backup+ makes the whole reinforcement process programmed. That implies you don’t have to stress over support up your information unfailingly. Simply set the time and the application will naturally reinforcement your SMS, MMS and call logs.

    Step 1:- First of all open the SMS Backup+ on your mobile phone.

    Step 2:- Now, after opening the app you will see the interface like below image. Just click on the ‘Auto Backup Settings’ option.


    Step 3:- Now select to the ‘Regular Schedule’ option. After that you have to select the time period. I recommend you to select the 24-hour option it will be better.


    That’s it you have done and now the messages will automatically start taking backup.

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