How to make Fake Conversation on iPhone and Android

    We all use WhatsApp on our mobile phone to talk with peoples. But, in this article, we are going to share the trick of making fake WhatsApp conversations which will look exactly original. This trick works for both Android and iOS you just need to install one app for this.

    How to create Fake Chat Conversation in iPhone?

    1. WhatsFake

    This is one of the best and popular applications for an iPhone to create a fake conversation of WhatsApp. Just download this app on your iPhone and start enjoying making fake chats and make fool to your friends.

    What are the features of WhatsFake?

    • It works for any iOS device.
    • It is free to use.
    • Using this app is too simple.
    • You can use it with multiple languages.


    1. Fake Chat – Joker

    Joker application gives you a chance to make very reasonable however counterfeit WhatsApp discussions that much. You can check the two sides’ messages effectively. Clients simply need to introduce the application on their iPhone and can have a ton of fun by making counterfeit discussion.


    • It’s a freeware application.
    • Basic and Easy to utilize.
    • Adjust each and every detail in the discussion
    • Alter last observed, on the web, and composing statuses.

    How to create Fake WhatsApp Chats on Android Phone?

    Much the same as iOS, Android likewise has few applications which enable clients to make counterfeit WhatsApp Conversation. Actually, Android has significantly more applications contrasted with the iOS App store for phony discussion maker. Underneath, we have recorded the absolute best Android applications that enable clients to make Fake WhatsApp Conversation.

    1. WhatsFake

    This is additionally one of the great applications to make a phony discussion, you simply need to download and introduce this application on your Android telephone from Google play store and afterward run the application and make counterfeit discussion in it.

    2. Fake Chat Simulator

    Counterfeit talk test system – an App for reenacting visit discussions. Mess around with your companions causing them to trust you are really talking, and changing past discussions at your, please. Making a WhatsApp Fake discussion is actually quite simple. Simply need to pick profile picture to begin talking


    • Send counterfeit messages to the contacts and gatherings you make.
    • Genuine like condition. Make and oversee contracts and gatherings.
    • Set contacts picture, name, and so on.
    • Approaching and Outgoing mode for messaging. Imagine you get messages from anybody.

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