How to Increase the Battery Life Of your Laptop?

    Is this happen with you that, you just turn ON your Laptop and after few minutes you found that the battery is almost dead and now you need to plug it into AC socket near you. This situation is quite irritating us and makes the mood off for doing work. But, the powerful batteries, Processors and optimization software made the battery management easier.

    So, just you have to follow some steps to make your Laptop battery life last longer:-

                                                How to Increase Laptop Battery 

    1. Manage Battery Cycle

    The battery of mobile phones and laptop both comes with some battery cycles. The laptop has its own battery cycle of around 500 full cycles or more. it means when your laptop battery becomes zero and then again it charged to 100%. So, after every complete cycle, it decreases the capacity of the battery.

    Means it is good to don’t charge the battery fully so there are fewer chances of battery capacity decreases.

    Now there are many mods are available in computers to save the battery. Windows 10 has an inbuilt option in there setting that you can Turn ON the battery saver, it will automatically start saving the battery. You can turn it ON from settings and also keep eyes on the apps which are running in the background because those apps also take too much battery of the laptop. If you found any apps which are running in the background and does not have any use, just “End its task”.

    2. Turn on the Airplane mode and unplug peripherals

    When you are not using the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi of your Laptop then please turn it off or the best thing just take your laptop to the Airplane Mode it turns offs all the embedded radios on your laptop. You should also disconnect to the devices which you connected with your Laptop because it also consumes much battery of your Laptop.

    3. Lower the Brightness

    This is the best method and suggestion. Just, keep the brightness of your laptop lower as much use to you. Because the higher brightness consumes the battery of laptop too much. But lower brightness will be the best part if you want to save the battery. You can reduce it by going to settings and in that to the Display option.

    4. Avoid usage of optical media

    Your Laptop starts consuming much battery when there is a CD or DVD are spinning inside the disc. So, if your laptop disc is spinning then just take out the CD or DVD from it when you want the battery of your Laptop should Last longer.

    5. Choose better CPU and Battery

    Must keep in mind that, when you go to upgrade your Laptop CPU then, buy a good CPU. Because the good CPU does not only works better but they also consume very less power. For example, if I have the CPU of 8th Generation Core processor and also choose the 12 cell battery, not 6 cell battery.



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