How to Improve Your Cell Phone Signal Strength

    We all have a mobile phone with us through which we are connected with our family members, friends, and many other peoples. If you are the boss of your company then the mobile phone is very important for you. But, the weak signals, dropped calls and the slow data speed causes lots of problems.

    But, in this article, we will guide you about some best methods which can improve your phone signals.

    1. Update Software

    Most of the times you receive this notification on your phone which tells you to update your phone software. Most of the times this software update is for the carrier software update. So, please don’t take those updates as useless they are very important for your mobile and for the network also which helps to connect your phone with the best signal tower.

    2. Change your Voice and Data settings.

    Most of you face the network issue due to the 4G LTE network which gets overloaded due to some problems. So, you can do one thing is to convert your mobile network to 3G which is slower but it will help you to increase the network strength.

    3. Turn airplane mode on and off.

    I think this is the best way when your phone has a low network and less data speed. I also most of the time do this when I suffer from the network issue. Just turn ON and OFF the airplane mode of your phone this will help the mobile network to connect with another cellular network with the best speed.

    4. Re-select the network operator.

    This method only works for the Android phone user. Just go to your phone Settings and then click on Find Mobile Network and then go to Network Operator this will start scanning all the networks and then connect to the best network.

    5. Climb a story (or different floors). The flag will, in general, be better on higher floors, as you’re ready to clear obstacles closer to ground level. In case you’re in a storm cellar, climbing to the ground floor can help hugely.

    6. Draw nearer to a window. Cell flag has a simpler time entering a structure when it’s not hindered by the development materials, similar to block, square, siding, or sheet metal, that the structure is made of, so windows are regularly territories where you’ll get more grounded flag than behind a strong divider.

    7. Head outside. The development materials that make up the dividers and top of a structure square cell flag, so going outside ought to enable you to get a more grounded flag from the nearby cell towers.

    8. Move to higher ground. Mountains, slopes, trees, and different obstacles can frequently square flag. Moving to the higher ground makes you bound to associate with a phone tower and get a more grounded flag.

    9. Discover our where your nearest cell tower is. Put your city or postal division into Cell Reception or Open Signal to see a guide of your neighborhood towers, and after that endeavor to either find yourself on a similar side of the structure or change your area totally.

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