Functional testing: why it’s important for ecommerce Startups

    E-commerce business is growing day by day where peoples can buy the product or sell it.  E-commerce is a software which performs Digitally and which has some processes like, online fund transfer, marketing, inventory management, supply chain management. We have designed the E-commerce site and give features which will be customer friendly and have to do the functional testing to know that the features do not have any bugs in it.

    Why do we do Functional Testing in E-commerce Website?

    Functional testing ensures that all the pages and the features of the website are working properly and your website has all the things which are required by customers. After Functional testing, it is confirmed that the transactions are secure and can be used by the user. As we all know that E-commerce is the future of the world and it is growing day by day. But, most e-commerce businesses face failure. But, we can avoid this failure by proper testing otherwise people may face heavy losses.

    Below are some reasons which will let you know why testing is important in e-commerce startup:-

    1. Have a Customer Friendly Design and Features

    Your site must have a customer friendly design and features because it is very important in B to C business. Most of the time website has to handle the huge amount of traffic by a certain period of lull. So, it is very important that you first check the functionality of the site when the traffic goes very high. You have to check that after getting too much traffic also the design and the features are working properly which keeps the site customer friendly.

    1. Test your site on Different Browsers

    We don’t know that from which browser the customer will access our site. There are many browsers available like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. There are many things with which the site loads like, product description, rich images, Videos, Javascript plug-ins, social media integration, etc. There are many features due to which the visitors converted into a customer. So, it is very important that the developer should take a test on their website on respective browsers that the website is working properly or not. So, the testing website is a continuous process, so if your site goes down on any browser of your customer then there may be chances that your company may face a big loss.

    1. Test it on different Platforms

    Customers access the website from different platforms like Mobile Phone, Tablets, computers, etc. So it is important that your site must have the same experience for the customer on all platforms. So, for this also you must do the Functional Testing of your site.

    1. Security and Vulnerability

    If we have an e-commerce site then it means the site must have a payment gateway through which customers able to pay you to buy the products. So, where the customer enters his important information like a PIN number, Card number, CVV, etc. all the banking data. So, it is important that you must have checked the Payment Gateway of your site first before getting customers on your website. Because Money is everything if your customer lost trust on you from your site payment gateway then it is not good for your site reputation.

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