Bill Gates Made Some Prediction in 1999 which become true

    As we all know who is Bill Gates. He is known by many names because he is the founder of Microsoft and also the World’s second richest Man. His company Microsoft had contributed too much to Modern Technology.

    As we told in the Title that, Bill Gates in 1999 has made some predictions and they become true now. Let’s talk about it.

    We can tell him the Time traveler or smart. But the predictions that he had made 20 years before in 1999 has become true now and we are using it. He has written his predictions in his book ‘Business @ The Speed of Thought’. You can read it, but now it is useless because those all technology is in front of us.

    Here are some predictions that he made
    1. Automated price comparison services

    Bill Gates predicted that in future there will be some websites on the Internet which will help the customer to compare the price of products Like comparison of prices from grocery to flights.

    2. Small Mobile Phones

    Before there are only telephone and letters for talking with the person who is away from us. But, in 1999 Bill Gates believed that soon in future peoples will have some kind of small devices which will help to communicate with there family members or friends from anywhere.

    But, that time according to some peoples it was an idiotic idea and now this idiotic idea becomes true.

    3. Everything will come online

    He believes that one day we are willing to pay the bills online and can manage our too many things with the help of the Internet. And now we are using the Internet for doing many works which are available offline only one day.

    4. Sync and Connect all the devices

    He predicted related to the digital development that all the devices will sync and connect all the devices in a smarter way. This technology took much time to come but now it is available. Those services are Alexa, Google, Home, etc. these devices sync devices and connect the device to play any audio.

    5. Keep the eye on your house when you are away from it

    He predicted that when the owner of the house is not at home. Then for security reasons, he or she can take care of there own houses with the help of dirt-cheap digital cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity. These are some devices which help you to see the Live video of your house from anywhere.

    6. Platform on the Internet to stay connected with friends and family

    Now, we have some Platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. many social media are now available to stay connected with the peoples which are far away from us and the cost of these services are just free. It does not take any money from the user. Only we need an Internet connection for it.

    7. People will be able to find there job online

    Now, we can find jobs online, of our own interest and choices. Today it just takes time to mail the online application and get the job.



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