Best Dell Laptops 2019

    Dell Laptops are most successful Laptops in the Market right now. The Dell Laptops are not only svelte and powerful but also they are built to live longer.

    These Laptops comes for the two types of uses. Home use and General use. Guys, if you are a type of person who does not have a high amount of budget then you can buy a Mid-range Inspiron Laptops with the wide range of specifications and these also includes some fantastic budget laptops. If you have a little more budget then you can go for the flagship XPS these are among the best Ultrabook in the market and also a light feature and have a stylish look which gives competition to Apple also.

    If you want something special and a gamer who interested in playing games then you can go for the Dell gaming Laptops. One of the best Gaming Laptop which is available in this list of 2019 is Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859. You will get more details features about this Laptop below. So, Guys, these Laptops are most powerful which also gives the silky smooth frame rates. Guys, if you are a type of person who does not have a high amount of budget then you can buy a Mid-range Inspiron Laptops with the wide range of specifications

    No matter what is your budget for buying a Laptop. Just take a look on this article of Best Dell Laptops 2019 and choose any one of them which you like more.

    1. Dell XPS 13 (2019)

    Dell XPS 13 2019 again back this year with some new features and also fixed some of the biggest bugs like awkward camera and also the battery life. In this updated version of Dell XPS 13 (2019) the camera which you get before is replaced and also the battery life was also increased now you can use it last long.

    After knowing everything about this Laptop it looks more good

    The XPS 13 has the best performance, specially it comes with the Core i7-8565U CPU with 16GB of RAM due to which I was able to stream the Black Mirror on this Laptop. Bandersnatch from Netflix with 25 extra chrome tabs and I does not face any kind of Lag from Laptop.


    • Display:-3-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) – 4k (3840 x 2160)
    • Storage:- 128GB – 2TB SSD
    • RAM: 4GB – 16GB
    • CPU: 8th generation Intel Core i3 – i7
    • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
    1. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

    The look of XPS 15 is not changed much a lot from few years. Its inside is attached with Carbon-fibre and CNC-machined aluminium from outside. I hope you will not be tired with the look of XPS 15 2-in-1. Its newer look gives it the classic feel and also added the convertible hinges at the thinner.

    The weight of Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 is around 2 Kg and also has the thickness around 16mm which helps the user to carry and use it properly without any problem. It also has the two Thunderbolt 3, two USB-C, plus a headphone jack and MicroSD card reader ports.

    According to the specifications of XPS 15 2-in-1 the price is well considering. I think this is the best deal for you.


    • Display:-6 inches Touch
    • Storage:- 512GB PCIe SSD
    • RAM: 8GB
    • CPU: Intel Core i5-i7
    • Graphics: Radeon RX Vega M GL Graphics with 4GB HMB2 Graphics Memory
    1. Dell Inspiron 3565

    The Dell Inspiron 3565 is the Linux Laptop which comes with the Display of 15.60-inch and has the resolution of 1366×768 pixels. This is actually powered by APU Dual Core A6 processor and the best part is that it comes with the 4GB RAM which is very good at the price of 19,000-24,000. The price range is changes according to season.

    You can checkout it’s actual price from Amazon or Flipkart or from the official website of Dell.  The Graphic card is also powered by AMD Radeon Integrated R2 Graphics.

    I think if you are in the budget price and want to get Laptop for some general use and does not have much advance work then you should go for Dell Inspiron 3565.


    • Display:-60-inch
    • Storage:- 500 GB
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • CPU: AMD APU Dual Core A6 7th Gen E2 9000
    • Graphics: AMD Radeon Integrated R2 Graphics
    • Connections:– Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth, Ethernet and also has 3 USB ports etc.
    1. Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859

    This Dell Gaming Laptop G5587-5859 has the 8GB RAM and the Hard Disk of 1TB. The size of display is perfect for the gaming. It has the display of around 5.6 Inches (39.62 cm). It has the Windows 10 Operating System which is very good. It also has the Graphic Card of 6 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 which manages the graphic functions and will show you the perfect gaming on screen so that the user can enjoy the best experience on their laptop.

    To keep it Active the Dell has inserted the 6 Cell Li-Po battery in it and which weighs about 2.4Kg.


    • Display:-6 Inches (39.62 cm)
    • Storage:- 1 TB
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • CPU: Intel Core i5 (8th Gen) Processor
    • Graphics: 6 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card
    • Connections:– Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth, Ethernet and also has 3 USB ports etc.

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