5 Weird Smartphones That you have never seen

    As we all know that smartphones have become part of our life and without them, we can’t live for an hour. There are too many different types of mobile phone are available in the market due to which it becomes difficult for peoples to select the best phone. But, in today’s article, we have selected some unique phone and about these phones, there are fewer chances that you have heard before.

    It is a little bit important to take a look at the market and what type of smartphones are available there. Here in this post, we are going to share the list of the rarest phone which you have never seen before. So, without wasting much time take a look at these phones.

    Motorola FlipOut

    This is the phone which is known by the company Motorola and comes with the Android Version of 2.1. It came out in the market by 2010. The phone was best for teenagers at that time because it comes in square shape and good for them to carry in a pocket.

    Akyumen Holofone

    At first look, the Akyumen Holofone versatile basically resembles a regular cell phone. Be that as it may, a more intensive look basically uncovers an abnormal protuberance on the top. As the Akyumen Holofone conceals a 35-lumen projector inside it.

    It can extend a screen up to 5 meters in length, while on the other part, it offers an immense 7-inch screen, and the working framework that it utilizes isn’t Android, truly, a significant number of you may ponder that what OS it utilizes, the Akyumen Holofone is controlled by the tech goliath Microsoft’s Windows 10.


    I m sure that you have never seen this phone before in your life. The Runcible is the smartphone or also the ant-phone which is made up of wood. It was designed by the Ex-Apple designer in the motive of creating best and relaxing mobile phone.

    It comes with 4G, 7MP camera and has the 2.5-inch circular screen. There are some drawbacks also like it does not comes with speakers you can’t hear the ring when the call comes.

    Anica S6

    The idea of Anica S6 can essentially make us befuddled, however, the truth of the matter is that it truly exists, fundamentally, Anica S6 basically resembles a mouse. In addition, the Anica S6 is a cell phone that accompanies a 1.62-inch screen, a battery of 1600mAh, and Bluetooth to speak with the PC when it goes about like a mouse.

    Kyocera Rafre

    Do you know the best, amazing and weird thing about this phone is that it can be washable. Yes, you can wash Kyocera Rafre when you want to wash it because it is water resistant. It is practical that the phones get attached to bacteria which gives harm to our health and it is good for washing the phone and use after that. If your phone gets dirty too much then also you can wash and make it clean as new.

    So, guys, these are some amazing phone and I m sure that you have never seen these phones in your life.




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