5 Best Folder Lock Apps For Android Phone 2019

    When we read the word “security” for mobile phones then we think about Antivirus. Yes, Antivirus is also very important but what about Folders and Files?  You need to protect them with Folder locker apps.

    We all stores too many files on our Android phone as we store on a computer. But, Android is the operating system which allows us to customize mobile phone up to a large scale. It is one of the best and most open operating systems in the world which is based on Linux. So, there are many apps available on the Google Play store which can give protection to your files and Documents. The list of those Folder lock app we are has listed below.

    1. Folder Lock

    As the name suggests that it is the security app. It is one of the best security app which all the Android user should use. With the help of this app you can hide, photos, videos, files, contacts, etc. The design of this app is too simple and clean. You can protect your secret files with password. You can also transfer any files from your phone to the computer with the help of this app.

    2. Smart Hide Calculator


    Indeed, Smart Hide Calculator is a standout amongst the best security devices that you would love to utilize. It’s fundamentally an undeniable mini-computer application which has a little curve. Keen Hide Calculator offers a vault which can be opened when you enter the secret word. By along these lines, everybody will think the Smart Hide Calculator as a straightforward number cruncher application. The application needn’t bother with an attached Android gadget to work and it works fine on Android variant 4.2 or more.

    3. Vault

    Now, the vault is the app which is specially designed for the peoples who have too many photos, videos, and some other secret files with them which they want to hide. The best thing about this app is, it has 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. If you are an Android user and has some important thing on gallery or File manager then you must use this app.

    4. Secure Folder

    The secure folder app is designed by Samsung. It is for hiding some important files and folders from other persons. Be that as it may, since the application is made by Samsung, it just keeps running on Samsung Smartphones. The application uses the barrier grade Samsung Knox security stage to make a private vault on Samsung gadgets. In this way, it’s increasingly similar to a vault application which can be utilized to store delicate documents and organizers.

    5. Safe Folder Vault App Lock

    Safe Folder Vault App Lock is a moderately new Android organizer lock application accessible on the Google Play Store. In spite of the fact that it initially implied as an application lock, it can bolt documents and envelopes too. To do as such, it gives a secret phrase ensured vault in which you can store your delicate documents and organizers. Thus, Safe Folder Vault App Lock is another incredible organizer lock application for your Android cell phone.

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